Picture of an elderly woman holding a cane superimposed on a girl holding a pregnancy test.

Community Services

Help is available nearby! It's confidential and free.

For pregnancy counselling, pregnancy support, adoption services, short-term foster care and community resource assistance:

For safe housing, early parenting interventions and skill development:

For assistance with end-of-life concerns:

Speakers and video presentations are available for your group, church or school. We also offer free brochures and an extensive lending library of books, DVDs and other educational materials.
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Must-See Videos


Clap your Hands,
baby announcement

A delightful 4-D ultrasound video showing a 14-week-old unborn baby clapping!

Abortion in Canada

A 3-minute historical accounting of abortion in Canada.

Conception to Birth
- visualized

A powerful medical visualization of human development.

Darby's Story


Lara's Story


Brianne's Story


The Missing Project trailer

LifeCanada explores how 50 years of legalized abortion have impacted Canada.

Ethics of Life

Interview with Dr. Saba for Oxford County Right to Life Virtual AGM, April 8, 2021

The Missing Project documentary


Dear Future Mom

An expectant mother learns that her child has Down Syndrome and wonders what kind of life her child will have. 15 people with Down Syndrome answer her concern with a heartwarming message.

Reaching Minds Through Media

Oxford County Right to Life is a proud supporter of this television ad campaign produced by Alliance for Life Ontario.